Stewart Construction Services - Custom Home |Jackson WY
Roof top Terrace House Dining area

About Stewart Construction Services

For 11 years, Stewart Construction Services has been providing the Jackson Hole with beautiful homes that fit any budget. Company owners Peter Stewart, Chris Mommsen, and Tom Stallings, along with their staff and sub-contractors, bring years of experience to all of their projects.


We have consciously set Stewart Construction Services up to fill that huge void in the between the one-house-at-a-time craftsman working out of his pickup truck and the huge out-of-state-contractors from Denver or Salt Lake City that claim low margins and attempt to purchase materials, do schedules, take-offs, project costing and management from hundreds of miles away.


Small enough to employ true craftsmen, maintain quality control with employee and sub-contractors and have a company owner visit every job site every day - anticipating and mitigating concerns before they become costly change orders.


Large enough to maintain offices in Jackson Hole with a small staff that utilizes the latest technologies and software to accurately cost jobs, research materials prices, schedule work, triple-bid sub-contractors, provide detailed and regularly updated information to clients and keep track of the myriad details that help the owners bring projects to fruition on-time and on budget.